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  • Luck Charm 2023

    A “magical symbol” that adopts a set of elements such as the moon, star, wave, hand, infinity, cross, placed in a circle and unfold their meanings and symbolism. The moon and the star for dreams and wishes. The heart and hand for love and friendship. The sun and the wave for life, light and revitalization. The bird and the fish for movement and freedom. Infinity, the eye and the cross for energy and protection. And the flowers like seabed corals, for the uniqueness hidden in each one of us. A fascinating kaleidoscope that attracts the goddess of fortune.

    Moon: romantic, melancholic, source of dreams and excitement, element of the galaxy 

    Star: wishes, constellations in the summer and winter sky, shooting stars, fantasy

    Cross: support, faith, protection, empowerment

    Wave: liquid element, raindrops, sea, river, lake, purification, revitalization

    Sun: source of life, light, dispels darkness, makes flowers bloom

    Heart: love, romance, friendship, gratitude

    Infinity: energy, we exist forever in some form

    Eye: symbol of protection against evil energy, power

    Fish: vital energy in the waters, life in motion

    Bird: freedom, magical flight, escape, travel

    Hand: greeting, human contact, offering, creation

    Flowers like seabed corals: uniqueness within us