Mermaid Pendant Silver 925 Cord

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Mermaid Tale Pendant with cord in various colors. The pendant is made of silver 925.

The length of the cord is adjustable.

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Mermaid Pendant Silver with cord in various colors. The mermaid tale is made of silver 925.

Available colors in cords are black, red, beige, brown, turquoise, blue, purple, lilac, coral, and green.

Please note that due to the different color rendering in the electronic devices the colors may be different from the image on the website.

Also available in Gold-plated 24K Silver 925 and Black-plated Silver 925.

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Use just a soft cloth to clean the jewelry and preserve their shining color.

All gold-plated jewels have a layer of 18k Gold which may lose its cover over time but can be re-plated.

It is recommended to store the jewels in their original box away from light and heat.

Avoid contact with salt water, thermal water, chlorine, lacquers, perfumes and all acid and corrosive products.



All jewels are beautifully packaged in a jewelry gift box.

All items are handcrafted to order in 7 days.

Delivery time may take approximately 10-20 days.

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Cord Color

Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Coral, Green, Lilac, Purple, Red, Turquoise

mermaid pendant silver

Mermaid Pendant Silver 925 Cord

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